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Born in USA, 1963

1981-1986 Studied at Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

Born in South Carolina, Gerritt traveled with his family around the US to various cities as his father worked his way up the government service ladder finally landing in Northern Virginia at 9 years old. It was here he lived his formative years as President of his Jr High School and President of the # 1 club in High School. 

As a boy, Gerritt's dad gave him the book, the Power of Positive Thinking. This on top of his reading of the entire 66 books of the Bible by his 15th birthday set him on a successful path to adulthood.  

Gerritt moved to California to attend Pepperdine University and became the President of the Sigma Epsilon fraternity. The friendships he formed then are still as strong today. His love of God always kept him on the straight and narrow and he always tried to live by his Christian principles in the world of hard knocks. 

At age 30, he got married and moved to Thousand Oaks which would become his current home. That relationship ended in divorce unfortunately. He was remarried at age 37 and the two were blessed with a healthy boy in 2006. 


Over the years, Gerritt was laid off four times by companies that were either moving or experiencing financial challenges. These experiences while financially devastating never wavered Gerritt's faith as he leaned on his Creator for help time and time again. 


Today, Gerritt is the father to a future Eagle scout, husband to a wonderful wife and the Director of IT for a local manufacturing company. His volunteer work in Scouts and his devotion to his Whole Truth ministry have made a significant impact on all of those involved with him.     

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