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gerritt beatty competes on holey moley 2

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Hulu - Holey Moley Where the Herd At?


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Back in February 2020, filming began for the second season of Holey Moley 2 the Sequel. 

After months of auditioning for casting calls Gerritt was chosen to compete on the show. The original plan was for him to be dressed in his Class A uniform from Boy Scouts and have the scouts in the audience cheering him on. At the last minute however, that plan was nixed by ABC/Disney. 

After a quick costume change and reshoot of his interview for the show, Gerritt competed in the competition along side Amanda. Amanda was a professional golfer. The hole was called the Distractor and a group of baseball players took to the green and began throwing pitches back and forth to distract Gerritt and Amanda. 

Gerritt triumphed in the end on his second putt of 12 feet. He moved on to the second round.

In the second round, he took on Tanner for the hole called Putt the Plank. This hole was a Pirate ship that featured Jon Lovitz hitting a ball across the water partially blindfolded. Gerritt succeeded getting his ball closest to the marker so Jon Lovitz only had to conceal one eye for his shot across the water.

His shot landed on the sand about 8 feet from the hole. Gerritt then had to leap onto a shark swimming around in the water. He lept hoping to grab the fin but fell into the cold water. He swam about 30 feet almost being hit by the shark on the way to a crowd of spectators cheering him on. Cold and wet, he set up his second shot from the sand.   

Gerritt putted his 8 foot shot over a mound and into the hole for a 2 giving him the win.     



Check out Holey Moley season 2 the Sequel on Hulu.  

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